CEO’s Message

“The road to good health, begins with fairness paved with care and compassion for our common humanity.”

We are here to help you make sense of your healthcare journey.

Thank you for visiting our website. I hope you find it helpful in providing information about our services. We know that being a patient is rarely easy. We as a service strive to take care of your healthcare needs with the utmost compassion. As you know Arche Health is a social health enterprise committed to excellence in service quality. Achieving good outcomes for our people both patients, staff and the wider community is fundamental to our work ethos.

As a GP founded organisation, our members play a very important part. I wish to thank all the local GPs who have trusted the value of our community health initiatives by continuing to refer their patients to our various specialised programs. My role as CEO has been to work with the board in driving strategic direction whilst developing a strong and vibrant staff culture with a focus on achieving best outcomes for our clients during this testing times of global pandemic. My highest aspiration is to make sure that the sustainability of the organisation is maintained through diverse funding mechanisms including grant funding and income generating services. We will continue to make sure that the limited resources are frugally managed to provide value for money to clients and stakeholders.

The work of our healthcare teams are admirable to say the least. Their committment and passion to patient care is both testament and inspirational. We are focused on developing strong collaborative relationships with various stakeholders across the WA health sector to share best practices in order to improve access to care whilst improving quality of care and innovation. We have a flat management system that keeps us grounded and attentive to both staff and local community health needs.

Looking ahead, we will continue to be responsive to the local health needs and gaps in our community by assisting them to find solutiona and thrive as much as possible with our capacity. We look forward to the challenges ahead in making Arche Health a valuable health asset in the community to benefit those that appreciate and depend on our services.

Thanks again for visiting our website, and best wishes for your healthcare journey with us.

Kind Regards,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Mr Suj Gamagedera