Topic 5: Sleep and Pain

Sleep problems and chronic pain seem to go hand in hand. Frequently people with chronic pain find it difficult to fall asleep, or sleep is often disrupted with long night awakenings. Even if you get a good amount of sleep, you can still feel very tired in the morning as the quality of sleep is often poor. Because of this, it is common for people to want to address sleep as part of pain management. Having a bad night’s sleep can make you feel more pain sensitive.

Pain and sleep are closely linked and impact each other. There is a reciprocal relationship where pain during the day affects the quality of that night’s sleep and poor quality sleep increases pain levels the next day. In fact the latest findings point to sleep effecting pain levels greater than the other way round. So it is important to try and give yourself the best chance of having as good sleep as possible.


Credits: Joyce McSwan – PainWISE Pty Ltd.

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