NDIS Psychological Support

Australians having a mental illness or psychological disorders are among the most disadvantaged people as they experience significant challenges with communication and social inclusion. The lack of communication and community awareness and support can have a considerable bearing on people having Psychological disability. Psychological disabilities can arise due to mental health. Mental Health is equally important as physical health and psychological disability is defined as any persistent psychological or psychiatric disorder or mental illness.  

What exactly is a psychological disability?

Psychological disability refers to the social consequences of disability and the way it impacts the lives of people. People are having psychological disability face many challenges in their everyday life. Psychological disability can be a severe illness than many people think. 

People with Psychological disability find it challenging to make plans, engage in education, and set employment goal. There are many stigmas associated with psychological disabilities. It’s important to note that to be eligible for NDIS , a participant will need to prove their disability. Only after that will they become eligible for the supports. Due to different types of mental health conditions, people with prolonged and temporary disability may not be eligible for the NDIS.

How we can?