Rebecca Cooper

General Psychologist – BA (Psych Hons) MAppPsych (Professional)

Profile and expertise – NDIS/Workers’ Comp/Insurance, Adolescents, OCD, Autism/ASD, Anxiety/Depression, CaLD Counselling, Trauma/Complex Trauma, Disability (Cognitive issues), LGBTQI+/Sexual Orientation, Culture & Race and other identities, Drug & Alcohol, Domestic Violence, Some therapies Include: Schema, CBT, ACT, D&A Counselling, MBCT-Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy; CFT – Compassion. Focused therapy; Compassion-Focused therapy-CFT; Solution-Focused therapy-SFT. Major depressive disorder, Adjustment disorder, Chronic pain, Substance dependence, Developmental trauma & post-traumatic stress, Comorbid physical disabilities (e.g., neurological conditions, diabetes, chronic pain), CBT, ACT, Schema-focused approaches, Person-centred & other humanistic therapies, Mindfulness practice, Working with LGBT+ populations, Working with CaLD, Aboriginal, & Torres Strait Islander populations, Complex risk assessment and management (e.g., suicide, self-harm, drug use).